Deborah Brooks Langford 

Moving metaphors
passionate poetry
satin silk smiles
comes on like a heat wave
it’s layers of free fall
the moving poem in rhythmic harmony
that is a body of the art of poetry…

Society paints mental pictures
judgmental wrongs
that’s blind to beauty
makes a heart sing
as the ink dries on the poem
thus the brilliant minds
with the cobbler pies
basking the buttermilk skies…

Satin silk spins around
through the charades
fairies dance at midnight
in love pure sweet love light
that glows in stardust
as she lays her heart down
in the brilliance of secrets
as a single tear makes believe
her simple dreamy scenes
while sleeping in her silky bed…

Spin your words, wrap them around
silk of glory, unspoken words of love
made in diversity, where unity is made
imagining greatness at every bend
with smiles enthralled
that silky spun words
that makes it wear so well…


Astounding hearts makes no doubts

The elements that are traceable

But unstable

Spin those words

Wrap them in love

Yielding to love

Yielding to the world around

In love and war

In your satin silk poetry.


Debbie Brooks (c)


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