Happy Women’s Day

Welkin Siskin

Happy Women’s Day
For the world bereft of light she is Gaia
For the world narrowed by worldly affairs she is Rhea,
For those in need she is Venus
Who with beauty has created us;
For those aspiring to all untold love
She is Hebe
For she is the one to teach family how to behave;
She is Freyja, for she teaches aesthetic value and charm;
She is Eos from whom the dawn awakes and the orange red glitters;
She is Artemis who teaches to stay pure and sacred;
And she is Aphrodite who paints thy image
With the beauty the world bestows you.
@ Welkin Siskin

Why Me???

Sunita Paul

Why always me ?
When I was just learning to walk
They had already started to stalk
Touching the unwanted places
How dirty were their sinned faces
They could never see a child’s innocence
For they had already killed their conscience.
Why always me?
Crumpling a flower in it’s budding stage
They tried to put me in a cage
Little me still fluttered her wings
Many songs in my soul to sing
So I started making my way
For I am here to stay.
But then why always me?
As a teen girl,
With beautiful curls
Each and everyone waiting in queue to propose
But I was always eager to dispose
Even then those invisible hands and eyes grabbed me
I could never be as a normal girl should be
It was always me.
For the teacher who came to teach
Or the temple priest who faked in saint’s disguise tried to preach
None left any stone unturned to molest and crush a young girl’s belief
Not a single person she found could give her heart relief
Even the next door uncle or cousin brother
All tried to touch her unwanted parts without any least bother
Why it had to be only me?
As I reached the matured age
Learnt that the world is an acting stage
Here a man proposes indecent to you
But to his wife/girlfriend he promises his fake love is true
My lost mother protected me so well
Otherwise the planet is more dangerous than hell
I too would have been torn to pieces by now
Here women are raped but they worship a cow
Why it happens with me
Is it a curse to be Big or Beautiful
Why such adjectives are used to appreciate a woman like hot or cool?
Why cannot a man love or appreciate the heart
Why is it lust from the very start?
Still I am searching for the answer
All the questions which have made a deep scar
But then I realise that all those people/incidents
Made me so strong that my life’s canvas only I can paint
Now I can easily distinguish between good and evil
And can fight against all devils
Lastly I wanna thank the almighty for showering blessings on me
Empowering me as I always dreamt to be.