On Listening To Gardel While Peeling Carrots

Aprilia Zank

the blade of my mother’s peeler

reveals the salmon red, juicy flesh

of the carrots

with unaltered precision

as sharp as ever

after all those years

on crudely refurbished records

Gardel reels his passión

in words pregnant with vowels

that unleash endorphins

long before the morphemes

reach the left hemisphere

alma de mi vida



at the poetry workshop

they teach you

to forget words –




turn to scrubland

and we delete our hearts piece by piece

lest their beats should sound obsolete

in my kitchen

a bandoneon challenges the eternity

with suspiros de amor


Carlos Gardel (1890 – 1935) is known as the best tango singer of Argentina. The Spanish words in the poem translate as: alma – soul, vida – life, corazon – heart, amor – love, suspiros – sighs)

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