Two Poems Of Welkin Siskin 

Ups and Downs

We go through ups and downs
But our art of life does count,
And does then the play of its lute;
We play with life, either foul or good.
Art of living is what we as humans seek,
In the world prodigious and bleak,
To guide us through windswept state;
To falter and to go a long way is never too late.
With all attempts we dare to create artistic life
To let our art in the future revive;
Artistic living is what guides us
To let us never evermore distract.

Florets of Fancy

Life through spiral goes
Weaving florets of fancy
And then it seeks for a dream
To usher us to a path of perfection.
 For, if only for a short life we could dwell
And dwell like an empty vessel,
We could not have fancies.
As humans, we dwell with innumerable fancies;
These fancies are ingredients of life
Too, to make a gateway to our destiny.
If  we could dwell without fancies
Could we then a dream never achieve;
We dwell with fancies and are we thus humans—
with desire and wants, dreams and destiny.
Copyright: Welkin Siskin 

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