JYOTIRMAYA THAKUR NOV 18Literature knows no frontiers and must remain common currency among people in spite of political or international upheavals. In all circumstances, and particularly in a time of war, works of art, the patrimony of humanity at large, should be left untouched by national or political passion. Writers should at all times use what influence they have in favour of good understanding and mutual respect between nations and people; they must pledge themselves to oppose any form of suppression of freedom of expression in the community and country to which they belong, as well as throughout the world wherever this is possible. The necessary advance of the world towards a more highly organized political and economic order renders a free criticism of governments, administrations and institutions imperative. And since freedom implies voluntary restraint, writers should pledge themselves to oppose such evils of a free press as mendacious publication, deliberate falsehood and distortion of facts for political and personal ends. Continue reading POET AS A MARGINALISED INDIVIDUAL By Jyotirmaya Thakur


Why Is Literature Indispensable for Human Life? By T A Ramesh

One World, Idea of Utopia in Literature

T A RAMESH MAY 19Not satisfied with the religious ideas and not also convinced with the philosophic interpretation of truth people seek consolation, asylum and satisfaction in Literature which pleases and instructs simultaneously with valuable ideas on human life, human love, human nature and humanism. Also, literature does the work of humanization of the vast advancement of modern knowledge which was previously beyond the reach of humanity. Now the magic spell of literature is the idea of Utopia ‘ One World, which has the capacity to solve all the problems of mankind, is ruling the minds of men all over the world. For the keen and rational minded people criticism of human life, social life, nature, religious literatures, God, etc. in literature show truth and gives convincing guidance for satisfactory living in the world. In this respect the study of literature indeed makes one a good intellect.

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