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Curtea de Arges – the city of kings and poets

Curtea de Arges is a charming Romanian town located approximately 180 kilometers from the capital. The town is a real gem for historians and architecture lovers. According to archaeological research, today’s Curtea and its immediate vicinity were inhabited by Dakish tribes as early as the 3rd century AD. The city reached its peak of splendor in the 14th century, when it became the seat of the Wallachian hospodars. Witnesses to these wonderful times are its monuments, including two very significant churches, namely: the church of St Nicholas, known as the “princely”, and a real miracle of architecture – the metropolitan church. In this city, annual poetry festivals are held, attended by invited poets from all over the world.

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Interview With Niels Hav

By Nizar Sartawi

This interview first appeared in Arabic, published by the poetry magazine Ababeel in Aleppo Syria. He captivates you with his simplicity and modesty just as he captivates you with his poetry. This is the Danish poet and short story writer Niels Hav, whose works have been translated into many languages, such as English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, and German. Recently I have contacted the poet and conducted an interview with him. Continue reading Interview With Niels Hav

Curbing the menaces of the world


Marian Eikelhof 

The importance of youth employment


At this critical moment in the history of mankind. I would like to ask attention for an important condition for world peace, namely that every child, regardless of where it is born in the world, is entitled to follow an educational program of excellent quality followed by a steady job. There should be a society in which work for everyone forms a basic right. Continue reading Curbing the menaces of the world