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Reconstructing Feminism

Written By NilavroNill Shoovro

1 NILAVRONILL P1Introduction

All women aren’t necessarily feminists and all feminists need not necessarily be women. In a patriarchal social scheme, it is indeed debatable, whether feminism is a woman’s last bastion or her primary condition for survival. However, it cannot be denied that feminism is woman’s strongest stance against patriarchy. But has feminism really succeeded in safeguarding women in a world strongly driven by capitalism? How familiar are we with these questions? Are these even connected with our daily life and interactions? It would be interesting to evaluate the relevance of feminism vis-a-vis the general family and social frames. How do women, themselves, evaluate these? In fact, this subject is so diverse and open to such wide interpretations that there is no singular answer to it. However, traces of these answers are found in the different layers of social transactions and politics that plays out in our midst every day. Even if we do not delve deep into the history of how patriarchy has turned out, it is undeniable that it has undergone vast changes in the way it operates. Modern technology revolution and consumerism has brought about these startling transformations. But how deep are these or just superficial, is again a debatable issue. We have seen that the various new laws, that are promulgated in favour of women’s safety and security have emboldened feminism against patriarchal chauvinism. Are these really making any difference? But the very fact that such laws are being formulated, has reflected favourably in the spread of feminism worldwide. The manner and degree to which feminism benefits from such initiatives, is a function of social reality and the national framework within which it is enacted. Therefore, its effects differ country to country. But some more factors still remain beyond the political and economic aspects of feminism, where even economic independence is unable to ensure a woman’s right to her own identity. These are the aspects that need most of our attention and analysis. Generally, it is considered that economic independence is the key to a woman’s autonomy, but that might not be true at all times, in all societies or all countries, this is more or less a known fact. But why is that so? It is a subject, worthy of consideration and should be pursued. Continue reading Reconstructing Feminism