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Send me,
Audaciously send me,
A trug of roses
And also send me,
Their fragrance
Through O’phone………
Take me
In your arms
In this global scenario
Of intrinsic internet,
And delicately tuck in
A gorgeous
Genuine fresh flower chaplet
Of Spanish Cherry
In my hair………
I would perceive
Your emotions
Invaluable than ornaments
But would you really
Fathom the depth
And perimeter of my
Intense feelings?
Agreed ssssssss………….
You would even give me
The rainbowy horizon
But would your vision
Trace out the horizon
That I do wish for?
The blood akine
Spiritual energy
Doesn’t ever let
Gain a peace
The active volcano
Dwelling inside me…………
I too,
See countless dreams
Obsessed to objectives
As never ending
Numerous dormant wishes
Keep simmering
Like the molten lava.
Would you be able
To bloom this
Dried, lifeless
Corporal flower?
Would you be able to enliven
My inanimate appearance?
Would you be able
To fill colours
In this sculpture
As once did Pygmalion?
Agreed sssssssss………
The night blooming
And blossoming
With your touch
Emanates  sandalwood fragnance
All through my senses,
As a love-light
Keeps lighting
Alike gleam of fireflies
In our love shrine………….
O dear, flowers are reborn
Through pollination,
So  flowers also
Agree to the tenets
Of nature…
Isn’t it?
Intrusion of
Every nector sucking
Bumble bees
Who crush the Body-flower
Is denied by the helpless
Wretched flowers !…..
Alas ! Even a single
Sunbeam is all enough
To wither them up……….
……Huh !
And you insist
To revital
The withered flowers?
Isn’t  it better that
Man learns not to let
The flowers wither?
Then at least
Man could proudly say
“I care you
Like the eternal flowers”
And of course dear,
When you learn caring me forever
I would yearn
Just not for this virtual
Trug of flowers
But a chaplet made of
Fresh Spanish Cherry
Every day,
Every single day, my dear………….

Eternal horizon


Hans en Bianca

in the silent room I bow my head deep to the ground

my cervix shrinks together and I lose words

that will lack all power when the sun’s rays disappear forever


despair clings to me in an evening fog of sorrow

the fumes of your image absorbed in the plane disaster

my comprehension is unable to contain it all to the full extent


with empty eyes I stare at the sky and reach for heaven

your years of life pass by like a flashing comet

lightning bolts hit the epicenter of icy loneliness


powerlessness kills the ground under my feet in the gallery of sorrow

considered thoughts seek answers in me that can’t be found in

the connections that must proceed in two worlds – earthly and heavenly


out of the clouds I feel drops of you melting together with tears on my face

I hear your voice like an echo that will keep beating in my heart until I am with you again


© Hans en Bianca


You are the only song I want to sing

Mónika Tóth 

Dedicated my sweet Romanian friend Vasile
You are my inspiration,every day.
You are the smile on my face.
You are sparkle in my eyes.
You are the only song I want to sing.
You are my light in the darkness,
My strength when I’m too weak,
My voice when I speak.
My smile,when I see you.
My happiness when i am sad.
My friend when no one’s here.
The truth is
You mean so much to me.
nobody not loves me
no roses
no chocolate
no dear or sweetheart
deep sight
deep silence
no gift
no call
no hug
no kiss
nobody not loves me
the pen slips out of my hand
and I cry
about you
your beautiful eyes
they are splendid lovely
a fountain of joy
your beautiful red lips
the color of wonderful roses
they tell a story of happiness
your goodness
is my joy
your sweet and lively smile
is my happiness
your friendship is my greatest gift
your name is my drug
I confess,the truth is,
I adore you
your name
dedicated my best Romanian friend Vasile
every morning
your name
is honey
on my lips
every afternoon
your name
is flower
on my lips
every night
your name
is beautiful melody
om my lips
You are
the most
beautiful thing,
in my life

Amar Nishithoraater Baadolodhaara 

“Aamar nishithoraater baadolodhaara,

eso hey gopane
Aamar swaponloke dishahaara.
Ogo andhokarer antarodhan,

daao dheke mor paran mon –
Aami chaai ne tapon, chaai ne taara.
Jakhon sabai magon ghumer ghore
niyo go, niyo go,
Aamar ghum niyo go haron kore.
Ekla ghare chupe chupe

eso kebal surer rupe – Diyo go ,diyo go,
Aamar chokher jaler diyo saara.


~ Rabindranath Tagore


Amar Nishithoraater Baadolodhaara 

Ipsita Ganguli 


Once She asked me
If I knew love,
And I said.. yes;
Love was when ,
The sunset rays,
Filled the waters of the lake
The evening spread
Across the skies
Over which the white owl flies
Of human touch
I knew not then
I did not know
What she had meant…

The years have gone
And I have known
Some broken dreams
Some silent screams
Words not kept
Promises never met
Of Human heart
And Human head
In a Game called Life
Broken hearts
So cold
So blue
Painted Masks
Held as true

And Yet
Love comes to her
As if in dreams
Straight from the heavens
Silver raindrops from luminous clouds
Wrapped  in a beautiful golden shroud.

And Love Comes to her
In the dead of the night
Cloaked in darkness; velvet smooth
Resounding all around
In a deep deep baritone

And it wakes her up
And takes away her sleep
In Rainbow hues
In a velvet sky
And rain drenched nights
In bated breath, Love stays
Within the pitter patter of her heartbeat.

Beyond that,
Of human love
Of human touch
And Human folly
Of Words not kept
Of promises not met
The Unending Wait
In a Game called Life

My  true beloved
My Eternal Being
Love me then
Love me with your Rain
In the heart of the night
In soft tenderness
Oh Drench me then
In Love
From the wombs of heaven.


Copyright ~ Ipsita Ganguli