Eternal horizon


Hans en Bianca

in the silent room I bow my head deep to the ground

my cervix shrinks together and I lose words

that will lack all power when the sun’s rays disappear forever


despair clings to me in an evening fog of sorrow

the fumes of your image absorbed in the plane disaster

my comprehension is unable to contain it all to the full extent


with empty eyes I stare at the sky and reach for heaven

your years of life pass by like a flashing comet

lightning bolts hit the epicenter of icy loneliness


powerlessness kills the ground under my feet in the gallery of sorrow

considered thoughts seek answers in me that can’t be found in

the connections that must proceed in two worlds – earthly and heavenly


out of the clouds I feel drops of you melting together with tears on my face

I hear your voice like an echo that will keep beating in my heart until I am with you again


© Hans en Bianca



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